A Gift for Jesus?

Posted on November 27, 2017.

There are many web sites about gift giving.  It is overwhelming.  The right gifts.  The proper gifts.  How to shop. How to wrap.  How to pick the gift.  The advice goes on and on.  But when I googled a gift for Jesus, well, not much there.  So, I thought, I’ll just have to come up with my own.  Then I realized why not much is out there for giving a gift to Jesus.  So, I thought about attendance at a Christmas eve service.  Or reading the Christmas story from the Bible to my family.  Or donating to my favorite charity.  Well before I knew it the list was almost impressive. Then I thought how do you give something to someone who has everything.

The only real gift I thought of that made any sense at all, was to give Him you.  Yes!  That’s it, give Him yourself.  That’s all He really wants.  Not part of you but all of you.  If you’ve already done it, then do it again.  Make it your Christmas tradition, every year at Christmas I will examine myself and make sure that Jesus has me!  All of me!  I think the second-best gift is to encourage the important people to you to do the same.

My first sermon in December of 2017, I’m going to tell the story of a 6-year-old Russian orphan who gave Jesus a pretty cool gift.  I can’t wait to tell it.  In the meantime, would you consider what gift you will give to Jesus this year.

One year some time ago, a lady gave our family a pie for Christmas.  For me that is a wonderful gift.  I took it home and ate it for dessert that very day.  But the pie was bad.  I think an ingredient was left out.  Something important like sugar.  So, I threw it out.  On Wednesday, the gift giving lady called to see how I liked the pie.  Now I have a problem.  Do I tell her the truth, or do I make up a story about how good it was?  What would you say in a situation like that?  I told her the truth, I said “Madam, a pie like that doesn’t stay around this very long.”