A Model Church

Posted on July 3, 2017.

3rd Class? Not here!

Did you hear about the three classes of passengers?  They looked the same as they loaded the train.  The difference was how much they paid for the fare to ride the train.  Those who paid the most were 1st class and they sat in a clean car with comfortable seats and some refreshments.  Those who paid the average fair are the 2nd class riders.  They rode in the middle car and it was an O.K. ride.  Then there was a 3rd class of riders.  They paid the least and they sat in the last cars and it wasn’t very comfortable and there were no amenities.

Another difference was the attitude among them.  Some were really happy to have cheap seats and some were really happy to have expensive seats, not to mention the comfort.  The real difference however was when the train went up a steep hill.  So steep it was that the train came to a standstill.  The first-class people stayed on the train.  The second class exited the train to lighted the load.  The third-class people exited the train and began to push. 

Our world is good at classifying people.  But God’s Church is so different.  We all ride first class; our ticket is grace.  However, when the train needs help, we all push.  Ain’t God good?