Imagine "No" Christmas?

Posted on December 11, 2017.

When I read the Chronicles of Narnia to my children

(a long time ago) I was struck by C.S. Lewis’s sad place Narnia: a place where it’s “always winter, but never Christmas.”   Could you imagine what could be worse for a kid than winter with no Christmas?  For some people Christmas is the only thing that makes winter tolerable.

Good news!  Christmas will happen this winter.  It will arrive on time and in full power to bring hope, fun and delight to life.  It is a power that thrusts itself upon us whether we want it or not, recognize it or not or even believe in it.  Christmas has a history of displaying God’s power in times and places unexpected: like war time, persecution times, hardship times and sad times.            

          Christmas‘ power is one of hope and overcoming. 

It not only points to the spring time, a season of nice weather, but spring for the soul.  Yes springtime for the soul.  Could your soul, mind and spirit use some cheer?  Christmas is just around the corner, bringing a needed encouragement. 

I’m really glad there is a Christmas to put a positive notion in our lives.  Could you imagine what winter without Christmas would be for a child?  Don’t even try.  It (He) will arrive on time this year.