It's Never too Late to Learn a New Way to Please Jesus!

Posted on August 28, 2017.

     There is a very clear teaching in the word of God.  Something for us to do, but I’m afraid most of us don’t.  What is it?  Before you read on, will you tell yourself that if there is something for every Christian to do and you are not doing it, will you tell yourself that you will start doing it?  It is easy, costs nothing and will require no (zero) energy… You know that sounds like something even I can do… how about you?  If so read on.

    We should look forward too, and eagerly wait for, even yearn for the return of our Lord Jesus.  That sound easy enough to do.  I have the reason why this is important to God.  It will be at the end of this writing.   We all should, perhaps every day, think about and meditate on the idea that Jesus is returning to earth someday.  It may even be today, before you finish reading this blog.

     Perhaps the reason we don’t do this is because we are so invested (probably too invested) in this earth and ‘our‘ business.  The truth is we don’t want him to return now.  I got plans and I will be upset if I don’t get to see them through. 

     When I was young, every time it thundered, one of my three older sisters would say something like, “there’s Jesus moving furniture around and making a place for us.  He must be coming soon.”

     I also remember one Wednesday evening in the summertime.  My good friend and elder and I were the only two who showed up to go calling (something we did about every Wednesday evening).  After waiting for others to show, we began talking about who we could call on, when all of a sudden there was an earthquake.  It didn’t knock down any buildings but it sure did get our attention.  Both of us were startled when Dick said to me, “I’m glad I’m in church and going calling.”  That was code for, Jesus may be coming and he caught me in His service.  Face it, we all want to be found doing His will when He comes back to earth.

     The reason this is important to God is because, believing and thinking about His sure return at any moment has a ‘holy effect’ on us.  See I John 3:3. You see when Jesus comes, I don’t want to be found in the wrong bed, with the wrong person, doing the wrong thing!!! Amen!!!