Lord, Liar or Lunatic

Posted on October 30, 2017.


     It seems like it is common today for bashing Christians.  Our culture would like us to believe there is something wrong with us and the way we think and believe.  So, let me throw out a little challenge.  This Jesus, who do you say or think is or was?  He claimed to be the one and only Son of God.  Was He speaking truth or was He wrong?  Believe it or not the answer to this question has some long-term ramifications (consequences).

     If Jesus was not telling the truth when He said I am the Son of the Living God, why did He say it?  Was He telling a lie?  Think about it, if He said something not true and He knew it was not true, He was just plain telling a lie.  But let’s say He thought it was true, but it wasn’t.  I guess He didn’t lie, at least intentionally.  Maybe He was confused, or deranged?

     The choice is yours.  Who is He?  A liar, if so a billion followers have followed a lie, how foolish they will feel when it is exposed.  Or was He some sort of lunatic, thinking He was someone He wasn’t. Similar to the man who thought he was a doorknob.  If that’s who He is or was, a billion people will be laughed at for following a lunatic.  Or… how insane to even think it.  Was He really who He said?  The choice is yours.  Lord? Liar? Lunatic? 

     If He is a liar, dismiss Him and give nothing at all, not even a thought.

     If He is a lunatic, pity the people that have trusted and relied on a lunatic, but offer Him nothing.

     If He is the Lord, then bow down and worship Him.  The choice is yours.

     Oh, by the way, I don’t need a verbal answer from you, your actions tell it all.