Naysayers of Christmas

Posted on December 18, 2017.

It is true that many people, even some Christians, are on the bandwagon to derail Christmas.  Some in the name of atheism and some in the name of truth.  Both can make points in their favor of destroying a holiday.  Could I give you my take?

  • It is just like Jesus to enter the market place once a year and grant many businesses a profit in His name.
  • It’s just like Jesus to grace people's lips with good cheer Of Merry Christmas when most of the time they use His name to curse and condemn.
  • It’s just like Jesus to enter the darkness of winter with lights and decorations and party’s and gifts and remind us that spring is just around the corner.
  • It’s just like Jesus to grant the world a holiday that bears His name. All people believers and deniers alike look forward to the holiday.
  • It's just like Jesus to give many people a day off with pay, just because He was born on this earth (even though December 25th may not be the actual day).  Think about this, people who work hard all year long trying to get God out of the public arena gladly take the holiday pay, did I hear someone say hypocrite?   Hey Jesus loves them too!

It’s just like Jesus to effect my life in a powerful and positive way.  It’s just like Jesus to cleanse my heart and make me (so unworthy) to be His son.  Others may protest (for whatever reason) the holiday in His Name, but I will forever be grateful for the truth that it has brought to my life.