Do you ever wonder why people STILL go to church? Did you once attend or even be in leadership at a church and get "burned?" Did you get dragged to church every week while you were growing up? We know. So have we! Why? Because the church is filled with imperfect people whose lives are messy, complicated, busy and maxed-out. It's because the church is filled with people who are still on a journey towards Christ and in the midst of that journey will sometimes make dumb choices that affect their family, their friends, their co-workers as well as their church. So why go? READ MORE
Here at South Shores Christian Church you will find real people, with real problems striving to "Love God, Love People and Impact the World" in the same way Jesus did. Here you will find followers of Christ looking to live out & be the New Testament church, using the Word of God as our guide as we take next steps towards Christ. See you soon! Steve To find out more about us,  click here.









In the midst of a world that doesn't want anything to do with Jesus, South Shores Christian Church brings families together, equips them to grow in their love for Christ as well as how to live it out daily by making an impact in real ways in their world and the lives of others.  Check out our student & childrens ministries by clicking here